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Centerstage PBGV’s acquired our first PBGV in 2000 from Nick Frost. Her name was Centerstage Revue “Daphne” and, because of her, we fell in love with the breed.

Since 2000, I have enjoyed the breeding and showing of PBGV’s. I have been fortunate to receive the mentoring of great breeders, as well as the support of friends and handlers of other breeds. That support, along with a bit of luck, has helped Centerstage PBGV’s produce several champions and a Best Puppy in Show, Best Veteran, and Best Bred By at our PBGV National Specialty Shows.

Centerstage PBGV’s offers handling services, stud dog service, puppies to show and pet homes when available.

I look forward to continued success as I follow my passion for the PBGV’ breed.Please feel free to look through my website.

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New litter born Super Bowl Sunday 2016!

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Patti and Brazillian
PBGV Justin
at the Perry, Ga. show.
Centerstage Kennels home
New Home of Centerstage Kennels in Weeki Wachee, Fl

What is a PBGV?


A PBGV is Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen. Known as the "Happy Hound,
" PBGVs are French hound-dogs. AKC recognition was granted in
February 1991.

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is the smallest of four scent hounds
developed for hunting in the Vendee region of France.
The standard was not written until the beginning of this
century, but the breed can be traced back about 400 years.
The PBGV structure is agile and nimble to accommodate hunting
hare, rabbit and other small game in the thick cover of its
native land. The PBGVs rough, thick coat, was promoted in the
breed development to protect the dog as it hunted the tough


AKC Breeder of Merit
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Member of the PBGV Club of America
4 pbgv's
4 PBGVs and an impostor! Trip, Sara, Sunny (lab), Gina, and Marc
PBGv Maggie Best of Show
Centerstage Starlet, "Maggie" wins Best of Show, Brooksville 2016. Shown by Kathie Milne